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Paul Harvey, the great American radio personality, would always conclude his colorful broadcasts with the quip "And now you know the rest of the story." For those of you not acquainted with Paul's broadcasts, here's a sample. If you get to about 3:40 in, you'll hear the classic remark. Paraphrasing Paul's tag line, in this article you'll learn "the rest of the story" about RAD Development methodology in PowerBuilder 12.5 .NET using a Referenced PB Assembly Target. I'll explain the technique and implementation steps using the open source PEAT PFC demo application. In a previous PBDJ article, "Slicing the Pie with PowerBuilder .NET 12.1 EBF Project Partitioning," I wrote about achieving Classic RAD-like build/test speeds in .NET WPF applications by configuring the Project object partitioning feature. This feature lets you logically carve up a large application into a... (more)

Crazy Eights: Migrating a Legacy Application up to PowerBuilder 12 .NET

I grew up in a Brooklyn NY apartment building. As a young kid, one of my rainy day after-school pastimes was playing card games with the other kids in my building. One of the games we played was crazy eights. If you're curious about this simple card game, check out the Wikipedia description at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crazy_Eights Recently I was tasked with migrating a legacy application with distant roots in version 4, up to PowerBuilder 12 .NET. The trip over to version 12 Classic went fine with nary a hitch. The ride over to .NET was not too bumpy either. But then I start... (more)

Merging Newer Technology into an Existing Code Line

If you don't know the words to this classic folk song, here they are: Oh, the old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be, Ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be. The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be, Many long years ago. I can't count how many times I heard this song's melody in the background of an animated cartoon. Usually it was played at a slow pace in an exaggerated manner to accompany a worn-out character trudging along, apparently bogged down by some trouble or other. (If you listened to different melodies as a kid, check it out here http://fr... (more)

Links to My *Free* .NET eLearning Content on Sybase.com

Greetings to all! Here's a list of  URLs to the free PowerBuilder .NET rich media training content I have created for Sybase to date: .NET Language Features:   http://video.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/powerscript-dot-net-tutorial/player.html Windows Communication Foundation: http://video.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/wcf-tutorial/player.html Refactoring Classic Applications:  Introduction to Unit Testing Methodology: http://video.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/future-proofing-pb/player.html WPF Stock Trader Reference Application Story; Four Platform Deploys, One code base,... (more)

Jump-Start, Re-Start the PowerBuilder Ecosystem

One of the indicators that cause a technology to be categorized as legacy is the inability to find a ready supply of trained professionals to work with it. From the organizational viewpoint, a lack of HR supply increases software risk, decreases an organization's ability to make changes to the system and positions the system as a candidate for migration to another platform.  A recent CNN Money report titled "Why You Can't Find a Job" points out that "The ... issue is mismatch. Firms have jobs, but can't find appropriate workers. The workers want to work, but can't find appropria... (more)