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Yours truly has been busy for the last few months learning the ins and outs of migrating Classic applications to .NET. Here are the links to the final versions on Sybase.com  The beta versions are no longer available. Part 01 Overview and Process:  http://video.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/Part-1-Migrating-Classic-Applications-to-PowerBuilder-12-.NET/index.html Part 02 Issues and Solutions:  http://video.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/Part-2-Migrating-Classic-Applications-to-PowerBuilder-12-.NET/index.html Part 03 Anchor Bay Nut Company - A Legacy Use Case Overview:  http://video.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/Part-3-Migrating-Classic-Applications-to-PowerBuilder-12-.NET/index.html Part 04 Migration, Refactoring and Remediation http://video.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/Part-4-Migrating-Classic-Applications-to-PowerBuilder-12-.NET/index.htmlhttp://pbdj.sys-con... (more)

RESTful Web Services: A Quick-Start How-to Guide - Part 2

Part 2 of "RESTful Web Services: A Quick-Start How-To Guide" explores foundational issues in coding RESTful operations, including Basic Authentication and Exception handling. Along the way I'll share with you multiple real-world coding tips and workarounds. Introduction As a teenager, one of my favorite TV shows was "The Wild Wild West." The show's description goes like this, "... a 60 minute western action series on CBS that was like no other. Special Agents James West and Artemus Gordon were spies for President Ulysses S. Grant shortly after the civil war. In every other way, ... (more)

Getting to the Top of the Pecking Order

"Chicken flocks have a well-defined hierarchy called a pecking order. A chicken at the top of the pecking order gets to do the things she wants by 'pushing the others around' a little, giving them a short, sharp peck if they don't submit to her, allowing her to go where she wants to go or access food and drink first. Chickens naturally have a pecking order to ensure they live in harmony. When food is available there are no fights. Everyone lives in peace. The bird at the top of the pecking order will have first access to water, food, the best roosting place and so on. The bird a... (more)

Sybase Posts Free PowerBuilder Migration Support Videos

PBDJ Blog Post Nowadays, every platform has an xUnit based open source unit testing tool. Just today, I discovered that there is one for Adobe Flex (woops this is a PB forum!) it's called Flex Unit. Here's an article on it. There are xUnit testing frameworks for Java, C#, C++, Smalltalk and many others. Tools such as Eclipse and VS have xUnit extensions. pbUnit is our version. When you need to refactor or build business logic in PB, think TDD. TDD is a powerful methodology with a proven track record for supporing developers in delivering quality code. Let me share something pers... (more)

PB .NET Migration Assistant

PBDJ Blog Post PowerBuilder Developer's Journal - It started off by me wondering, why is there is no version 12 .NET migration assistant like the one in previous versions?  Then it dawned on me. The migration process is its own assistant! Here's what I mean.  The version 12 .NET migration process is significantly different than any migration that came before it.  For the first time in history migration is non-volatile; the original PBLs remain intact and are untouched by the migration process!  Plus, migration creates a new target and source directories and emits migrated source ... (more)