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Part 2 of "RESTful Web Services: A Quick-Start How-To Guide" explores foundational issues in coding RESTful operations, including Basic Authentication and Exception handling. Along the way I'll share with you multiple real-world coding tips and workarounds. Introduction As a teenager, one of my favorite TV shows was "The Wild Wild West." The show's description goes like this, "... a 60 minute western action series on CBS that was like no other. Special Agents James West and Artemus Gordon were spies for President Ulysses S. Grant shortly after the civil war. In every other way, they could be easily confused with James Bond of the 20th century. They had a "high-tech" (for its day) railroad car stocked with a compliment of advanced weapons. James West especially seemed to woo every beautiful woman he encountered. The agents' typical mission involved saving the United ... (more)

Migrating MultiThreaded Classic Apps to PB .NET

The blog is a .NET update for or all of you who are already familiar with multithreading in PowerBuilder Classic using the SharedObject API Jm recently posted this brief message in the Sybase.Public.PowerBuilder.NET news group, "When we have a multi-thread  programming in PB?? is urgent..."  To which Chris Pollach replied "We have had multi-threaded programming in PowerBuilder since Sybase introduced "SharedObjects" back in the PB version 6.0 release!   :-) Note: I am not sure how well it works under the new WPF model in PB 12.net" I decided to pull out the old trusty SharedObjec... (more)

Jim O'Neil on PowerBuilder and the Cloud

Filmed by yours truly live at the Connecticut PowerBuilder User Group meeting February 2011. This was a great presentation by the master Jim O'Neil.  We were all thoroughly engaged in the content and learned a lot.  I'm sure you will too.   ... (more)

Slicing the Pie with PowerBuilder .NET 12.1 EBF Project Partitioning

There are all kinds of pies, chicken pot pie, shepherd's pie, cherry pie and of course good ol' American apple pie. Every host or hostess knows that pies are perfect circles. There are infinite ways to divide and serve them. They can be cut in halves, thirds, quarters, eighths, sixteenths or any combination thereof. If a pie is small, you might even choose to serve each guest a whole pie. It's up to you to determine which size pieces are appropriate for your guests. In a sense, configuring a .NET application for deployment is a lot like dividing a pie. You can deploy the entire ... (more)

Case Study: Refactoring a PowerBuilder Classic Application

Under heavy Confederate fire, wounded, surrounded, with one third of his men lost, Union General John Corse is holding the fort on the top of the hill in the US Civil War battle of Altoona. Peering into the distance, he sees a white signal flag waving. It is a message from General Sherman; "Hold the fort, for we are coming!" Greatly strengthened by the thought of salvation and the enemy weakened by the thought of a large attack, General Corse and his men rebuff the Confederate attackers. (See this link to learn more about the battle.) Mature, feature-rich, market-leading softwar... (more)