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This week PBDJ will publish part one of a series I am writing called "PowerBuilder .NET RESTful Web Services:  A quick-start how-to guide".   I'm also producing an accompanying video demo series.  To get the buzz going I decided to make each section of the demo video separately available.  When all the pieces are completed I'll tie them all together in a single indexed video tutorial.  The complete video will most probably be published on Sybase.com.  In the first installment, I show the demo program UI and explain the code structure architecture.  Click on this link to watch the first installment. ... (more)

Vendor Independent Data Access in EAServer 3.6.1

It's well known that Sun Microsystems' Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) specification is an industry-standard, vendor-neutral, portable architecture for middle-tier transactional components. In an industry starved for standardization, both the server vendor and the development community have embraced EJB. Sybase is a leading member of the J2EE consortium. Sybase's EAServer version 3.0 supported EJB 0.4, version 3.5 supported EJB 1.0, and the recently released J2EE-compatible EAServer version 3.6.1 supports the latest EJB 1.1 specification. The EJB 1.1 specification offers many enhanceme... (more)

Alive and Kicking Code

PBDJ Blog Post Dear Reader, I'm sorry for the delay in posting new material. I wasn't silent because of a lack of new content or a change of heart about blogging, nor a change in attitude toward PowerBuilder and Sybase technology. Rather I was / am engaged in two significant projects to the exclusion of all else. The first of these projects occupied my December.  I was taking code ownership of and actually migrating a legacy PowerBuilder 5 application to PowerBuilder 12 WPF .NET.  In addition to the actual code study and migration, I wrote a series of articles and produced a set... (more)

PowerBuilder .NET Migration eTutorial

Yours truly has been busy for the last few months learning the ins and outs of migrating Classic applications to .NET. Here are the links to the final versions on Sybase.com  The beta versions are no longer available. Part 01 Overview and Process:  http://video.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/Part-1-Migrating-Classic-Applications-to-PowerBuilder-12-.NET/index.html Part 02 Issues and Solutions:  http://video.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/Part-2-Migrating-Classic-Applications-to-PowerBuilder-12-.NET/index.html Part 03 Anchor Bay Nut Company - A Legacy Use Case Overview:  http:/... (more)

Migrating MultiThreaded Classic Apps to PB .NET

The blog is a .NET update for or all of you who are already familiar with multithreading in PowerBuilder Classic using the SharedObject API Jm recently posted this brief message in the Sybase.Public.PowerBuilder.NET news group, "When we have a multi-thread  programming in PB?? is urgent..."  To which Chris Pollach replied "We have had multi-threaded programming in PowerBuilder since Sybase introduced "SharedObjects" back in the PB version 6.0 release!   :-) Note: I am not sure how well it works under the new WPF model in PB 12.net" I decided to pull out the old trusty SharedObjec... (more)