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Part 2 of "RESTful Web Services: A Quick-Start How-To Guide" explores foundational issues in coding RESTful operations, including Basic Authentication and Exception handling. Along the way I'll share with you multiple real-world coding tips and workarounds. Introduction As a teenager, one of my favorite TV shows was "The Wild Wild West." The show's description goes like this, "... a 60 minute western action series on CBS that was like no other. Special Agents James West and Artemus Gordon were spies for President Ulysses S. Grant shortly after the civil war. In every other way, they could be easily confused with James Bond of the 20th century. They had a "high-tech" (for its day) railroad car stocked with a compliment of advanced weapons. James West especially seemed to woo every beautiful woman he encountered. The agents' typical mission involved saving the United ... (more)

PowerBuilder .NET Migration eTutorial

Yours truly has been busy for the last few months learning the ins and outs of migrating Classic applications to .NET. Here are the links to the final versions on Sybase.com  The beta versions are no longer available. Part 01 Overview and Process:  http://video.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/Part-1-Migrating-Classic-Applications-to-PowerBuilder-12-.NET/index.html Part 02 Issues and Solutions:  http://video.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/Part-2-Migrating-Classic-Applications-to-PowerBuilder-12-.NET/index.html Part 03 Anchor Bay Nut Company - A Legacy Use Case Overview:  http:/... (more)

Passing the Torch

I personally witnessed something silently happening in the PowerBuilder community a couple of weeks ago that that was so uplifting and significant that I want to share it you.  Here's the story: My friend and colleague, Paul VanBeverhoudt is an expert, seasoned PowerBuilder programmer.  I met Paul through Greg Fisher, another longtime member of the PowerBuilder community.  Paul and I worked together in Manhattan, two floors below ground level, on an intense, short duration refactoring and maintenance project.  Like me, Paul is a middle aged family oriented professional.  Paul's ... (more)

PowerBuilder 12.1 .NET IDE Productivity

I recently migrated a Classic MDI application to .NET.  One of the nice features that helped me prepare my code for .NET deployment is the Unsupported Feature list that appears in a selectable view in the Output window.   That view gets populated following a build if the app has unsupported features.  The unsupported list is a very useful guide to locating and navigating to lines of code and property references that need your special attention.  Here's what it looks like: While working my way through the code I noted that some unsupported features are innocuous.  The PowerScrip... (more)

GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage out)

GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) "A fundamental goal of legacy Information System migration is that the new system not become a legacy system itself" These insightful words were written seventeen years ago by Michael L. Brodie and Michael Stonebraker in their 1993 study called "DARWIN: On the Incremental Migration of Legacy Information Systems". From this goal statement, which I believe is self-evident and universal, it is clear that merely operationally and mechanically pushing a legacy client/server (PowerBuilder or any other language based) system through an automated .NET mig... (more)