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Under heavy Confederate fire, wounded, surrounded, with one third of his men lost, Union General John Corse is holding the fort on the top of the hill in the US Civil War battle of Altoona. Peering into the distance, he sees a white signal flag waving. It is a message from General Sherman; "Hold the fort, for we are coming!" Greatly strengthened by the thought of salvation and the enemy weakened by the thought of a large attack, General Corse and his men rebuff the Confederate attackers. (See this link to learn more about the battle.) Mature, feature-rich, market-leading software applications too can be ‘under attack.' Attacks come from new applications entering the marketplace which although, less feature rich and functional, have modern attractive UIs and are industry buzz word compliant. Steve Krug aptly summed up the UI experience in the four word title of his ... (more)

Some Old Things Do Change

Not sure when this sneaked in... I was working on some new DataWindow object courseware with version 12.1 last week when I stumbled onto this little change.  For those of you with a penchant for using the Messagebox function for debugging, you might find this interesting Used to be that this line of code (or any other .object property expression) would give you a compiler error Messagebox(dw1.object.id.name, dw1.object.id.tag) You'd get the same error if you used the DWO reference in a datawindow event. Messagebox was expecting two strings and although both the Name and the Tag ... (more)

Custom Session Authentication in EAServer

EAServer has a robust built-in security mechanism to safeguard your business components. Occasionally, it may be necessary to access a legacy security infrastructure to determine privileges or to log access. In those situations EAServer supplies a way to extend its native security system. This article illustrates how EAServer custom security can be implemented using a PowerBuilder standard component. Overview Corporate information systems face many security threats. Some threats are addressed in software at the server level. Table 1 lists some threats and approaches to thwarting ... (more)

Bye Bye SetRedraw( )

A common Classic PB code technique when modifying the displayed contents of window controls, is to turn off screen refresh by calling SetRedraw( false ), performing the update activity and then calling SetRedraw (true). Setredraw( ) is one of those graphic object methods that falls by the wayside when migrating to .NET.  It is no longer supported.  Is this a bad thing that will give your users a migraine headache or a non-issue? This post and the accompanying video will give you a refreshing understanding of the issue and help set your expectations when you migrate and see those ... (more)

Crazy Eights: Migrating a Legacy Application up to PowerBuilder 12 .NET

I grew up in a Brooklyn NY apartment building. As a young kid, one of my rainy day after-school pastimes was playing card games with the other kids in my building. One of the games we played was crazy eights. If you're curious about this simple card game, check out the Wikipedia description at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crazy_Eights Recently I was tasked with migrating a legacy application with distant roots in version 4, up to PowerBuilder 12 .NET. The trip over to version 12 Classic went fine with nary a hitch. The ride over to .NET was not too bumpy either. But then I start... (more)