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PBDJ Blog Refactoring in not hard to do or difficult to conceive of - BUT you have to develop a sense about it. Part of wanting to refactor is professional pride. Ask yourself - If your software was a publicly visible structure such as a bridge or building, what would it look like?   Would you be will to go step on it or go inside it? Do you think that it's too late for improve your software?  Are you afraid to take a small risk? Remember that refactoring is all about taking lots of small steps that eventually add up to a big improvement. Do you sometimes get that sick feeling when you're asked to work on a particular section of code?  Ever wonder why?  Might the reason for the feeling be because the logic is "all over the place", fragile and tricky to make changes to? So wouldn't a bit of restructuring make the job more palatable? Refactoring is mostly about making... (more)

PowerBuilder .NET Migration & XAML Workshop in Tel Aviv

I've been on the road in North America a lot lately delivering one day .NET overview and migration seminars in cooperation with ISUG. Last week I had a special treat.  I traveled to Tel Aviv Israel to deliver an extended two day version of my seminar.  My local sponsor was NessPro, Ness Technologies, the official Sybase distributor in Israel.   Nestor Cohen, Development Solutions Manager was my local partner.  Nestor really knows the local PowerBuilder community.  According to Nestor, there are about 250 PowerBuilder developers in the country.  PowerBuilder applications support ... (more)

RESTful Web Services: A Quick-Start How-to Guide - Part 1

Among PowerBuilder 12.5 .NET's new features comes the ability to use WCF to call RESTful web services. This article, the first in a two-part series, provides a PowerBuilder 12.5 .NET developer with the foundational knowledge and skills to rapidly get up and running building PowerBuilder RESTful Web Service clients. Along the way I'll share with you a few tips and workarounds. Introduction PowerBuilder 12.0 .NET provided the ability to call SOAP-based web services using Microsoft's .NET 3.5 WCF API. I encourage those of you not familiar with WCF and SOAP to view my PowerBuilder W... (more)

Writing to the Console in PowerBuilder 12.5 .NET

Yesterday I taught an intro to PowerBuilder .NET 12.5 session.  Part of the presentation had me comparing the.NET IL code inside an assemblies generated from code written in C# and PowerBuilder. The C# code, after performing a simple arithmetic calculation echoed results to the console using these two lines of code namespace CalculatorExample { class Program { static void Main( )   { Calc c = new Calc( );  //create the object int ans = c.Add( 10, 84); //call the method System.Console.WriteLine("10 + 84 is {0}." , ans); System.Console.ReadLine( ) ;    } } class Calc {   //define a wrapp... (more)

How I Arrived at This Ulitzer Blog

PBDJ Blog This note is to my many acquaintances and professional colleagues, I've been  around the PowerBuilder Sybase/Powersoft camp for more than 15 years.  For 13 of them I was lucky enough to be a trainer, traveling all over North America helping thousands of you build your coding skills and master the PowerBuilder platform.  Golly, I remember standing in front of more than 400 of you in at Techwave in Orlando introducing you to building web apps with PowerBuilder and the EAServer studio (anybody still doing that?).  During all my years at Sybase I didn't write much.  I was s... (more)